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Arab Wedding Dresses

636 Arab Wedding Dresses Found

Arab Wedding Dresses

CUSTOMER REVIEWS (485)Arab Wedding Dresses

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  • By Mila Carmona

    Oct 20,2019

    The dresses came out wonderful! The girls look great in them. Thank you!

  • By Aj Lawrie

    Oct 28,2019

    The dress is beautiful!! The shop was amazing to work with! So easy and reliable! So going to tell all my friends about them! Easy to know they can ship to New Zealand easy. Perfect. Good quality and swift delivery.

  • By pmburns3301

    Oct 05,2019

    Beautiful dress! Well made and great service.

  • By bmille88

    Nov 02,2019

    Shipped super fast. Dress fit great. Exactly what I needed.

  • By popej2

    Oct 23,2019

    Beautiful dress, fast shipping, great service!

  • By Darian Hursley

    Oct 26,2019

    Love this dress both of my girls look amazing in it lol

  • By burnoutbriight

    Sep 28,2019

    Such a beautiful dress and it came out better than I ever expected! However, I did have to get it altered despite ordering a custom fit. It was almost two sizes too big in the chest and rib cage. Despite that, that's the chance you have to take when ordering online. Not to mention, it might be the fault of the person who measured me. I got a great deal on the alteration so I'm not going to complain so much. Now, it fits me like a glove. My wedding is this weekend and the shop got it to me in plenty of time for alterations and fittings, and I ordered it seven weeks ago. Thank you so much for the time and detail you put into my dream dress!!

  • By Anna Shoemaker

    Oct 16,2019

    The color and style were both pretty consistent with the pictures, and the dress was in good shape. It was a little too loose around the top and I had to get it altered, but other than that I have no complaints. Still a good quality dress.

  • By Iesha Foreman

    Oct 23,2019

    Great quality. The dress fit perfectly I was hesitant at first about ordering but, I am glad I did. I would definitely recommend...

  • By dlaparre

    Oct 25,2019

    Dress is perfect. Received in about 3 weeks

  • By Carol Fletchim

    Sep 28,2019

    Thanks so much June for my dress! So probably like a lot clients it is always scary to order expensive items through the Internet, but after I looked at June's reviews and ask 2 of clients if I could trust for ordering a wedding dress, right away I started to talk to June regarding this dress that I fell in Love with! I was in a rush to get my dress and June and him team made it in a record timing with my special requests.

  • By Nina de Groot

    Oct 06,2019

    Very nice! Thank you so much.

  • By Salla Soininen

    Nov 11,2019

    Beautiful! Looks the same as I expected :)

  • By tsnadia1985

    Oct 10,2019

    We are VERY pleased with the dress. It is beautiful!! And it was delivered faster than we thought. Thank Josh for helping out. My daughter looks so nice in this dress and will be stunning on her wedding day!!!

  • By giselle knezovich

    Sep 08,2019

    I am in the processes of purchasing dresses for my wedding and honestly Vivian has been nothing but SO much help. Honestly, I am extremely picky and Vivian has put up with me and answered every little question. I have never ordered any dresses online ever, so I was super hesitant but after working with Vivian and seeing the quality of fabric, I truly cannot wait to pay and order my dresses! I am so happy and THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR ASSISTANCE. YOU DESERVE 10 STARS, 5 IS NOT ENOUGH! Ladies- DO IT. SHES GREAT!

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